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US Season 3 - Bazzini - CLOSED

Chef Gordon Ramsay visit's Bazzini, Ridgewood, NJ, to help owner Paul , who worked up from the bottom to executive chef but since becoming an owner he has become overwhelmed. The restaurant is supported financially by his wife Leslie and is closed for lunch, it only opens in the evening. Gordon arrives, he tells Paul to cook him something special instead of ordering from the menu, the restaurant is narrow and Gordon thinks the décor is depressing. The food arrives and Gordon is not impressed: the pasta is cold and bland, the chicken is like a "f***ing elephants foot", hard and dry and the Risotto is stuck to the plate. Gordon actually twirls the plate and it is still stuck, he thinks it is disgusting and mushy. Finally he has a Tilapia with a rice boob which is bland, greasy and mush. He asks for dessert and has a slice of cheesecake and carrot cake which he thinks is delicious and made with passion.

Gordon arrives to witness a dinner service, Sharyn flirts with Gordon and appreciates his butt. Gordon finds out the Crab Cakes are precooked, a customer sends one back as burnt, food is slow and sits on the pass for a long time, an argument breaks out between Paul and Sharyn. Gordon realises he has no fire and tries to ignite it, he tells Paul he has given up, Paul explains he isn't happy so Gordon gives a challenge of cooking a pasta dish in 15 minutes. Paul makes fresh pasta and Gordon likes it. They open the restaurant for a 2 course lunch, Sharyn and Leslie in the front and Gordon and Paul in the back. Sharyn as a waitress is hilarious, you gotta love her! Gordon's team gives the restaurant a makeover inside and out overnight.

For relaunch night, Paul falls apart again and does not communicate, Al the Sous Chef does a runner, even though the food is delayed, people are happy with the meals when they receive them. Gordon tells Paul he hasn't convinced him that he can turn the restaurant around but he wants him to prove him wrong.

What Happened Next? Paul hired another Sous chef and there was a boost in business, Sharyn left to focus on a desert business. Gordon returns and Bazzini is still closed for lunch, after phoning the Pastry chef Sharyn he discovers they are closed permanently and they never did open at lunch. Gordon goes to visit Sharyn in her kitchen where she is baking cakes and she is doing well.

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  1. Bazzini is still open, there are reviews as recent as last month, but I can't find any information as to whether it's still owned by the same people or not - NJ business license records cost real money to get, unfortunately. It's likely that they closed, either sold or restructured, and reopened under the same name.

  2. I know this is mean but Paul's wife is in serious need of a makeover. He seemed so defeated with everything going on I couldn't help feel sorry for him. Im sure she's lovely but its like she just isnt even trying. I know people dont stay pretty forever but give the man something to work with y'know.

    1. You're a shallow person. Did you ever think that maybe between a dessert business and dealing with helping her husband at his failing business, that she may not have time for herself? You have NO clue.

    2. She's a beautiful woman who has given birth to children. What's wrong with you? Get a life.

    3. "I know I'm about to say something petty and stupid, but here it is anyway because I have no self control, like a 5 year-old..."

      Yeah, because Paul was real catch. It works both ways, dbag.

  3. Aww I wouldn't have blamed Paul's lack of success on his wife's appearance, if anything, it's the other way around. Besides, some guys like big girls :) Paul blamed everyone but himself for his failures, how should that feel for a wife who put not just her own self, but her own money, into her husband's business ventures? The chef seemed rotten on the inside.

  4. You guys are ridiculous. Pure and simple, he lost his passion for cooking and couldn't get it back. How dare anyone blame someone's wife. She was generous enough to put her money to invest in her husband. You should reconsider your whole life. You don't think she felt defeated when he gave up on himself. You are a truly disgusting human being.

  5. it seems that a visit from chef ramsay is a kiss of death for a restaurant. it seems that pretty much any restaurant that gets a visit closes soon after a visit. if i ever get to open a bakery/coffee shop, please chef ramsay STAY AWAY. just stay away as i believe that i will do just fine without your "expert" advice. thank you very much.

    1. Now that's not quite fair though is it? These places are failing before he gets there. They'd be closed far sooner if he didn't go.
      He tries to get them back on track, but it's not always possible. Most of the time he leaves them with a much better chance of getting somewhere.
      In the case of Bazzini's, Gordon was pessimistic about it's chances when his time was finished.

    2. These days people blame everyone but themselves. I am an avid watcher and it's obvious that some people aren't meant to own a business. How could it be Ramsey's fault when half the time he shows up they don't even know how to clean out their fridge? Ick.

    3. Honestly, are you serious ? Without Gordon, these restaurants was lost.
      Gordon's show has save some restaurants but with the actual economy and the owner's actions, it is not possible to save all.

    4. Fantastic critical thinking skills there, sport.

  6. Re the 7/05/2014 comments, where the commentator stated that it seems Chef Ramsay visiting a restaurant is a kiss of death ... that is a completely ridiculous comment and thought! Ramsay is invited to restaurants that are failing; without Ramsay's visit, these restaurants will fail because they're all ready in-process of such. If they fail after Ramsay's visit, it's due to the owner's failure to change their ways and succeed. Think about it. And, the restaurants highlighted on Kitchen Nightmare are set up with a lot of free tools to help them succeed ... new kitchens, dining room makeovers, free food and other inventory so, I don't feel sorry for these restaurant owners who sign-up for a reality show--in a last ditch effort type of attempt to same their dying business. Further, Fox's Kitchen Nightmares, which dropped Gordon Ramsay's name from the show's title for their USA version of the UK's Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares is truly typical of USA reality shows ... a lot of drama to draw in viewers. The UK version of the program shows a compassionate Gordon Ramsay truly helping failing restaurants. In the UK's Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, you will see Ramsay's caring demeanor and love for his craft.

  7. His wife let herself go, but she has a 12 year old kid at time of taping and she has her own business and is bankrolling her genius chef of a husband. Yes, she dresses horribly, and she looks much older than he. A lot of that is just genetics. I would be surprised if they are still together, though..

  8. I love that all we have to talk about here is how a woman dared not to be attractive to some men.



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