Sunday, 29 May 2011

US Season 2 - Giuseppi's - CLOSED

Open or closed? CLOSED
Location: Macomb Township, MI

What Happened Next: The restaurant closed in July 2009, they blamed the economy and lack of a liquor license for the closure. 

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  1. I am laughing too hard at the server Dawn "Wow we serve this shit?" HAHA. But overall I'm sad this restaurant closed and I hope the family found peace..and didn't lose their place to live. I am a 5th generation diabetic and it's hard to see your family members around you deteriorate. No diabetic should run a business unless it's focused on food for diabetics. It's hard and the disease makes you overly tired.

  2. My God..the son needed to grow up already. Looking for dad's approval for every little thing at 30?
    Just no.

  3. Not one restaurant has been able to stay open in that location. I live down the street from there.

  4. Dude, maybe your diabetes wouldn't be so bad if you actually took care of yourself!



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